Friday, June 5, 2009

Guess What I Got?....

.... An iPod Touch! Thank you Nanny for this AMAZING present!

We went down to Cooma for a day yesterday and met Nan and Melissa down there for some time together {+lunch:-)} I had an excellent day it was great seeing Nan and Mel again! I received some pretty kool presents for my birthday so i just thought that I'd share them with you!
{Me opening my present!}

{ Me finding out what was in the present!:-)}

For my birthday i also received alot more presents!::

{A set i got from Melissa it includes: a Journal, Card Set, Address Book, Photo Album}

{Soap + 2 lip balm berry frost flavour! I love them:-)}

{My Cards}

{Mum brought me this book, its a really good book!}

{An art folder Mum won in her big prize, i loved it so she gave it to me:-)}

{The inside: It came with a led pencil, some really good quality coloured pencils, an eraser and a colouring book}
Some Presents I Got From Friends!

{A cute little case, 2 erasers that are scented and a Foohy sharpener!}

{Sorry it is the wrong way round didn't have time to fix it but a little ornament from a friend, cute:-)}
{A friend photo frame!}

I also got "Twilight" the 2 disc DVD for my birthday! It is my newest obsession... & Robert Pattinson!
I just love the movie soooo much, it is the best movie i have ever seen! If you haven't seen it yet you are missing out on alot!

{This is the DVD i got!^}

And Robert Pattinson! I love him:-)

I cant wait until New Moon comes out!

Thats all for now!!

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Brindlegirl said...

Sounds like you got some lovely things for your birthday!

I hope your day was nothing but the best it could have possibly been!!

Thanks for sharing the pics with us.