Friday, June 5, 2009

Guess What I Got?....

.... An iPod Touch! Thank you Nanny for this AMAZING present!

We went down to Cooma for a day yesterday and met Nan and Melissa down there for some time together {+lunch:-)} I had an excellent day it was great seeing Nan and Mel again! I received some pretty kool presents for my birthday so i just thought that I'd share them with you!
{Me opening my present!}

{ Me finding out what was in the present!:-)}

For my birthday i also received alot more presents!::

{A set i got from Melissa it includes: a Journal, Card Set, Address Book, Photo Album}

{Soap + 2 lip balm berry frost flavour! I love them:-)}

{My Cards}

{Mum brought me this book, its a really good book!}

{An art folder Mum won in her big prize, i loved it so she gave it to me:-)}

{The inside: It came with a led pencil, some really good quality coloured pencils, an eraser and a colouring book}
Some Presents I Got From Friends!

{A cute little case, 2 erasers that are scented and a Foohy sharpener!}

{Sorry it is the wrong way round didn't have time to fix it but a little ornament from a friend, cute:-)}
{A friend photo frame!}

I also got "Twilight" the 2 disc DVD for my birthday! It is my newest obsession... & Robert Pattinson!
I just love the movie soooo much, it is the best movie i have ever seen! If you haven't seen it yet you are missing out on alot!

{This is the DVD i got!^}

And Robert Pattinson! I love him:-)

I cant wait until New Moon comes out!

Thats all for now!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Yay, thanks to my lovely Nan<3 i have finally gotten you those photos i promised! Well here they are: { warning: they are not very good quality}

{One Of My Favourite Photos}

{One Of My Favourite photos}

{The front of my Taylor Swift t-shirt}

{The back of my Taylor Swift t-shirt}

{Me and Taylor! I look terrible but who cares Taylor looks gorgeous!}

That's just some of them! { I took HEAPS!} I will have some more photos on as soon as possible!<3

OH! Before i forget Happy Mothers Days to all those lovely Mums, Nans and even all sisters and Aunty's and women that takes kids in there care just because they care , i hope you have a lovely day<3

Sunday, May 3, 2009

i did it again!

I broke my promise again! Not good and i still haven't gotten those photos of Taylor Swift yet! Its really bugging me....

Anyway well i do have some news! Well first I'm gonna start with what happened on Friday. Recently i got chosen for my school netball team and last Friday my team and i walked down to our netball courts to verse Eden Primary in the knockout. It was a long game but in the end we flogged them 32 to 7! We flogged them alright.It was pretty awesome, our teamwork was really good and i guess all that training payed off. And our coach thought we played excellently so she took us down to the pizza shop and we got a free milkshake and killer Python ( the lolly, lol ). So we said a big thanks to our coach! Now were off to Browley ( i think that's how you spell it! ), which is about 3 hours away, we will probably we staying over night. Also i had netball yesterday our first game we were versing people 3 yrs older then us! So of course we lost, I'm not sure what score was. In my second game we won 17 to 4.
Still on the sport subject Bombala Football team bet Eden Football team by 2 points we were all very excited!!
I think that is it for now!

{ Photos soon of Taylor Swift and me and friends! }

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I haven't posted for ages!!! Since Christmas to be exact! I guess i just haven't got around to it.
I would start of with Taylor Swift but i'm not at Nans house so i can't get the photos but i will post about Taylor tomorrow or the next day! Actually thinking about it i have something i really need to say (but no photos yet), Nan and I were getting lunch at Brisbane airport the day after the concert, lining up for Hungry Jacks, i spotted Grant Mickelson ( Taylor's lead guitarist) and i waved to him, he waved back:-) Nan didn't think that Taylor would be there because she would have a mssive crowed around her! To our suprise as we sat down and started eating Nan spotted at girl sitting with Grant and the band, Nan told me and i quickly reconised her as Taylor Swift!!! We quickely got my cardboard picture of her i bought at the concert and the camera out and rushed over to her. She was so nice! We asked nicly for an autograph and she got her texa out and wrote on the picture ' I <3 ashlee' and then wrote her signature! Nan also asked for a photo and Taylor grabed the camera and pulled me close and took the photo! She also told us about how she got to meet koalas and how there her new favourite animal:-) I was just so suprised about how nice she was, not like some celebs that are snobby:-( Also when we got of the plane in Canberra ( because her and her band went on the same plane as us) she said goodbye! She was so sweet:-)
Thats it for now will post again tomorrow... promise... Have to go and get packed for Canberra tomorrow!

Friday, December 26, 2008


Yesterday was one of the best Christmas i've ever had!! I got so many things, one was a massive
roller bag and was filled to the top with all my presants!!

I Got:
{My Hawthorn Football}

{More Hawthorn stuff} {Scarf, Towel and drink bottle}

My New Converse Shoes!!!!!

And i've left the best until last, the best present i got was.....
Two Tickets To Taylor Swift In Brisbane!!!
Its on March 5th and i can't wait!!!

Well they are all my favourite presents if i told you all of them we would be here all day!!:-)
Better go we are going now to enjoy all the Boxing Day Sales and so i can use my 230 dollors worth in gift vouchers!! I will put some photos up from the day later on:-)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Nice stuff...

Well Mum got this really good magazine yesterday called Frankie, it has some pretty nice stuff! It also has a link to a pretty cool website with origami Christmas, check it out:, i think i will be making some:-)

{This is the magazine}

Anyway check it out:-)


My school camp to Cooba was awesome (as i said) well i promised you some photos so here they are:

{ Me canoeing}
{ Me building a raft with my team}

{ Me floating my raft}

{ Nikki, Tab (my BFF'S) and me on the buggys)

{My team and I playing Earth Ball}

{Me in the yucky, muddy water!}

{ And us getting clean and showered after the mud }

Well that's just a couple of the photo's i had of me at camp i hope you like them:-)